Come to play! We invite your dog to become part of our pack for guided group socialization in our fenced-in dog park and outings on our land in Leverett. We offer an intimate, stress-free, and joyful environment for a small number of dogs. Our dog friends exercise and socialize off-leash for several hours each day on our 60 acres of trails through field, forest and stream. In addition, Brushy Mountain and its miles of roadless conserved land offer endless explorations.

Come to learn! I offer custom sessions to teach owners how to read their dogs' behavior and signals. Once you better understand your dog, you will be ready to learn how to communicate effectively and fairly in order to eliminate unwanted behaviors and guide your dog to productive alternatives. I will help you tap into your dog's native language to communicate your intentions clearly, and I will teach your dog how to better decipher the language of people as well as other dogs. In addition to improving communication skills, I emphasize energetics and leadership skills to help bring your dog into better balance.

I am an experienced animal rescuer who has owned dogs for the past 40 years. I have worked successfully with individual dogs and their owners as well as packs of dogs for the past ten years. It is my pleasure to provide a healthy, nurturing and fun place for you and your dog to enjoy and learn.